Buy Local Produce! Help The Local Farmers!

Studio City Farmer’s Market. Sunday Morning’s 8:00am -5:00pm

This morning Scott and I went out to breakfast and we went across the street to our local farmer’s market. This is the place to be on Sunday morning. The place is packed and the fruits, vegetables, honey, fresh breads, and everything else smells divine. It is so important to support local farmers. The produce and meats in the grocery store is so disgusting. Not only are they filled with chemical s but they are void of flavor and nutrients. We cannot afford to lose our small farmers. The best thing you can do is grow what you can yourself and buy from your local farmer’s market. Save the fossil fuel, save the planet, take care of your body. Scott and I have started our own herb garden. It’s a good start.


Peaches at the Studio City Farmer’s Market


We purchased some great peaches, carrots, onions, garlic, carrots, celery, and berries. We even got some eggs from a local farmer. I am going to stick to only buying in season produce. I want to experience the best flavors and nutrition I can. It also helps to really appreciate every season. I can’t wait for fall!!!!


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