HOW-TO: Cat eye with liquid liner

To do this look it is very simple.

1. Apply a primer to your lid. This will allow the eyeshadow to stick to your lid all day.

2. Apply a nude shade on the lid. Choose a color that is similar to your skin color. This will keep the primer from being sticky and allow the eye liner to glide on.

3. Apply the liquid liner. I like to apply liquid liner starting from the center of the lid and sweeping to the outer corner. Then you can apply small dots from the inner corner to the middle of the eye. All you have to do is connect the dots. Make sure you go just pasty the outer corner to get the cat eye look.

4. Apply pencil liner on the bottom lash line. Start in the middle and sweep the liner to the outer corner and connect with top liner.

5. Choose a white or cream iridescent eyeshadow. Apply to inner corner of the eye and blend towards the center of the eye.

6. Apply several coats of mascara. First apply a cream base that will add thickness then apply a gel base that adds length and staying power.



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