Toilet Of The Future



“Toilets are extremely important for public health and, when you think of it,
even human dignity,” Gates said in a statement at

If you don’t have access to water, water treatment plants, sewage then a flushing toilet isn’t really ideal. Apparently flushing toilets are for the rich. So what kind of technology are we talking about for these toilets that will be used for developing countries. I wish our country could start off using these new technologies. i would kill to have an apartment that ran on solar power and have no power bill.

The Toilet Fair was described as a swirl of about 200 inventors, designers, investors, partners and others passionate about creating safe, effective, and inexpensive waste management systems.

Universities from Britain, Canada, and the United States were awarded prizes in a competition launched a year ago challenging inventors to come up with a better toilet.

First place went to the California Institute of Technology for designing a solar-powered toilet that generates hydrogen gas and electricity.

Loughborough University came in second for a toilet that transforms waste into biological charcoal, minerals, and clean water.

Third place went to the University of Toronto for a toilet that sanitizes human waste and recovers minerals and water.

The  Gates Foundation said that 4 in 10 people don’t have a sanitary place to do “their business”. This is obviously a health hazard and isn’t good for communities. When the water can’t be treated and it is tainted with fecal matter you have a whole lot of health issues.

Designing more economical toilets decreases children’s deaths and helps conserve water.


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