RHONJ: Season Finale!!

Did you catch the season finale of RHONJ last night? I can’t believe Teresa Giudice! Was she or  wasn’t she trying to set up her sister-in-law Melissa Gorga? It all started when Teresa went to a salon to get her make up done with her friend Kim D. Why was Teresa going to this salon that she had never been to before? I have worked on reality tv and trust me this was so fake! The owner just happened to know Melissa and tell them that she danced for him 7 years ago. That is not just a coincidence. Then he just happened to show up att he Posh fashion show? On the show he was just walking around and wasn’t talking to anyone because he did know anyone! You could tell how creepy he was. I am so disgusted with this.

It’s hard for me to feel bad for Melissa though. She has a husband who loves her, three adorable children, never has to worry about money, lives in a wonderful neighborhood in a hue mansion AND is insanely beautiful. From the outside looking in her life seems to be all rainbows and flowers. The Gorgas do seem to be a little obsessed with each other and have huge egos. Why wouldn’t Teresa be jealous? Look at how much drama has been going on in her life.

I think family feuds are awful and something that is so sad. I have seen a few in my own family. They happen and when you can’t let things go the issues tend to just snowball in to a giant mess. I wish Teresa would stop being jealous. I wish Melissa wouldn’t have a huge ego and rub her perfect life in everyone’s faces. Everyone has issues. When someone is unhappy and needs people to come around and help the most is usually when they find themselves in the never-ending cycle of drama.


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