Beauty Review: Herban Essentials Lavender Towelette


Claims: Herban Essentials essential oil towelettes are made with the highest quality pure essential oil, which not only makes them smell amazing, but makes them naturally antibacterial and antiseptic as well. The most common use for the towelettes is to cleanse the hands and kill germs, but there are millions of ways to use these wonderful wipes!
Toss them in your purse, backpack, briefcase, car, wallet, or gym bag to enjoy their germ-killing, mood-lifting, fabulousness everywhere you go!

Review: When I opened the packet The room filled with a fresh lavender scent. The towelette was large size. I wiped it over my hands and they felt clean and the scent lasted for a while. I did however rub it on my arm and my skin felt a little itchy. I can be sensitive to lavender products. This product can be used in the laundry, in the bath tub, under your pillow to help you sleep.

There is no scientific evidence that lavender oil is good for the skin. This ingredient may have antibacterial properties to it. Lavender is primarily a fragrance ingredient. When Lavender is exposed to oxygen(when it’s applied to your skin)one if the fragrant components linalyl acetate forms substances that lead to dermatitis in and out of sunlight. Reasearch also indicates that other components of lavender specifically linaloo, can be cytotoxic, which means that when you apply this to your skin it causes skin cell death. Lavender oil is the most potent form. Even small amount will cause irritation. I strongly insist this ingredient is avoided in skin care products. This ingredient is ok when used for aromatherapy purposes.

This product was featured on Allure’s Best of Beauty. This proves they don’t understand what products are best for healthy skin.

I would never recommend this product. It is harmful to your skin. However id you do not apply this to your skin it works great for relaxation.


Source:, Herban


2 thoughts on “Beauty Review: Herban Essentials Lavender Towelette

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