Splurge, Cut Corners, or Don’t Buy It?

make up shopping

Do you find yourself wondering why you spent $30 for your lipstick and your girlfriend spent $4 and her color looks so amazing. Are you going back and forth deciding to get that laser treatment or just try another cream to fix those dark spots? I have some tips to help you decide what’s worth the spurge and where to cut corners.


High End Foundation and Concealers.

The more expensive formulas your can afford are worth it. The products have more refined pigments, they go on the skin much smoother and look like you have nothing on. The higher end formulations are better for sensitive skin types. Unless there is fragrance in the formula. So not all expensive formulations are created equal, but that is a whole other article. The concealers also blend more easily and when applied correctly won’t smudge or fade.

Where To Cut Corners:

Blushes and Eyeshadows.

Trendy colors go in and out of style so fast you will use these shades a few times before it’s time to buy the next trends.

Don’t Every Buy This:

Antiaging Makeup.

Cosmetics infused with antiaging products and sunscreen is a waste of your time. You should never replace your quality skincare and sunscreen with makeup that claims to have these ingredients. The makeup does not absorb into your skin like a serum and moisturizer. Your sunscreen is much more effective than a foundation or powder with sunscreen. Do you know how thick you would have to apply your makeup to get the proper coverage. Enough to make you look like you have on way too much makeup.

Remember, good skincare gives you a great complexion so that you can wear less make up.


For more information go to http://www.ChristineRossMakeUpArtist.com



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