Mink the Makeup Printer

Mink is a 3d printer that prints MAKEUP!


The future of makeup is you copy and paste the shade you want or take a pic of your friends lipstick and send it to the printer and in seconds you have that exact shade at home. Forget running to the department store or waiting for your products to ship to you. The printer will cost about $300 and you will pay for basic cartridges and the inserts. The pricing will be much lower. Imagine not having to pay for the expensive marketing, distribution, and packaging. It’s going to be much more affordable to wear all the trendy colors every season.


I’m interested in how this will play out with the cosmetic giants Like Estee Lauder. They will find a way to copyright their colors. Why should they go through the trouble picking them out then you just print it at home without purchasing their product. There has to be some licensing issues.

Another issue for me will be the quality of the product itself. What base will be used? Can they be organic and fragrance free, NON-GMO? The quality is something I am sure has to be worked out since the inventor said colors can be used with basic food colors.

One thing for Sure as a makeup artist I will be looking forward to purchasing Mink. I think this will expand makeup artists business. Imagine on set a look has changed because the photographer wants a new concept. Just print out the shades for the entire look. Or have a makeup party. Your friend can create your custom look in minutes.

Is this the end of retail shopping as we know it? Who needs the makeup counters anymore? With cosmetics as the big money makers for the department stores how will Macy’s, Nordstrom, ect. adjust? Maybe printing makeup as well. Will big brands jump on board with their own printable palettes? For next years collection will it be coming from our very own printers? Imagine how easy it will be for anyone to start a makeup line?

Of all the big industry breakthroughs this is something that i am truly excited about. This will change cosmetics forever. When these hit the shelves I will be the first one in line.

Source: http://techcrunch.com/2014/05/05/mink-is-a-3d-printer-for-makeup/

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