Bridal Hair and Makeup: What You Need To Know Before Booking


I do makeup for hundreds of brides every summer. I love my brides and I love bridal makeup. It’s such a magical day showing up early in the morning (sometimes 5 a.m.) and everyone is so excited. The bride is surrounded by her family and friends. The smell of fresh coffee fills the air. Mother of the Bride is making sure her daughter and everyone else in the room has had a bite to eat. The wedding planner is making her rounds to make sure we are all on schedule. Asking if we need anything. Meanwhile groomsmen are sneaking in and out (with eyes covered) running last minutes errands for the girls.


To get this kind of people morning takes a lot of planning and experience. There are a lot of people needing services in just a few hours. The trick is communication and organization and time management. It’s really takes a whole team to make an event run smoothly. Niki Foy, salon owner of Salon Beauty Bar in Sherman Oaks, CA, and my Bridal Beauty Team business partner have worked together for years and we understand how the other person works, deals with pressure, and we listen to each other.

I cannot stress enough how priceless it is to have that going on during one of the biggest events of your life.

The expectation you should have for your beauty team on your wedding day are these essential steps:

1. First phone call. Talk with hair and makeup separately. Who, What, Where, When, and sometimes Why.

We need to know EVERYTHING. if your aunt is kind of crazy and only will use certain things or has to go 2nd to last please let us know. If you have two people who aren’t speaking and we need to make a quick room change to keep things calm…please let us know. There is not much that surprises us anymore.

2. Send me pictures. Not a lot but two or three and we will go from there. I know there are so may amazing ideas out there but your wedding day is not the day to take risks or try something new…UNLESS you never wear makeup. You are going to wear a lot of makeup. Even the most natural look requires quite a few products. Please disclose if you are a makeup girl or you have only ever worn Burt’s Bees Lip balm ever. The same with hair. Send a few photos and be realistic because that girl with the super full super long hair probably has a lot of hair pieces or $2000 worth of extensions hidden in there.

3. Makeup Trial. You need a trial. We cannot guess what you want on the day of and for the sake of time and happiness you should know exactly how you will look the day of before the actual day arrives. IMPORTANT PART: we need to know your lip color because you will want to purchase a lip stain for yourself, bridesmaids, possibly MOB so you can retouch. Your makeup artist should be the one buying these items for you. Also your false lashes….which you need to choose because there are so many options. You would be billed for these items with your final payment.

4. Have a contract! Always get everything in writing. 50% deposit is the industry norm and final payment due up to a week before the big day. Protect yourself always. The contract should have venue, day and time, how many people, and costs.

5. Your wedding planner needs a timeline. The hairstylist usually is the one to provide this. Hair takes longer than makeup most of the time. I know how long I need to recreate your look because we had a trial and you probably gave me a color scheme and makeup look for your bridesmaids. So have start time, venue, and everyone getting services.

Sample Bridal Schedule

So after all of this is done you are pretty much guaranteed a successful morning and beautiful hair and makeup. Niki and I are requested a lot because we care about you and your amazing day and because we appreciate a positive work environment. So when choosing your beauty team ask about these items I talked about.


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