Grooming For Men

 How to apply makeup on men for head shots

Example of a well groomed man

When I am getting a man ready for his head shots I typically don’t like to use the term makeup. Most men don’t really prefer to wear makeup because it seems foreign to them, in contrast to my female clients that love all makeup.

The key to men’s grooming is to take care of the obvious steps. Trim the eyebrows, nose, and ear hair. Shave spots missed and trim his beard. Next take care of any shine on the skin. Use an anti-shine primer before applying makeup where it is needed.

Male makeup should be very light. I want them to look like they aren’t wearing any makeup. All men are different and have different needs. Some have more redness, some have dry skin, and some have both. The key is to cater what you use for each individual client.

Bronzer is great for men. Adding a little warmth to the skin can go a long way. Stick to areas of the face the sun would naturally touch. Finish with a lip balm to keep lips from looking dry.

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