Fall and Winter Wedding Season

What you need to know…

happy Bride and groom in fall

Take Care of Your Skin

In the winter, it is really easy for your skin to get really dry, really quick, so make sure that you are starting your canvas out right. After all, why would you ever want to put makeup on dry skin, just to make it drier? Moisturizer, cleanse, exfoliate.

Waterproof Eyes

No matter what, you never want your mascara or eyeliner to drip and dribble on your wedding day, so make sure that you are coating your lashes and eyes in everything that is waterproof. It’s your big day, you’re going to be crying and who knows, it could be snowing!

Layer with Color

To keep your eye makeup lasting all night I like to use a cream stick color shadow as a base on eyes before applying shadow colors. This will not only make the color last all night but create a brighter look.

Leave the Primer

First apply a thick cream before applying makeup. This will cause the makeup to stick to your skin more easily. You don’t want a barrier between your makeup and your skin. Everything should be very well blended.

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