Top Picks For Fall 2015

Top  Makeup Picks For Fall 2015

Jurlique – rosewater balancing mistjurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist

This hydrating mist is great to apply after setting your powder makeup. It will eliminate any evidence of powder on your skin, plus give you a flawless glowy effect!

Dr. Jart+ BB Mate Contouring 1.2.3. KitBB Mate Contouring 1.2.3. Kit

If you have dry skin, meet your new contouring BFF. The creamy shades are supermoisturizing thanks to hyaluronic acid. Just dab them on over tinted moisturizer or clean skin for a soft, subtle, non-drying contour.

M.A.C. Vamplify Lip Gloss CollectionM.A.C. Vamplify Lip Gloss Collection

This lip gloss has the opacity of a liquid lipstick, the sheen of a gloss, and the texture and staying power of a traditional lipstick. To everyone’s surprise, lip gloss is back in a big way. Celebs are wearing it, makeup artists are using it backstage at fashion shows, and every brand known to man is reformulating its gloss formulas to look more modern and feel less sticky.

Living ProLiving Proof Perfect Hair Dayof Perfect Hair Day dry shampoo

When the spray hits your hair, a proprietary polymer called OFPMA (the hero ingredient found in most of the company’s hair products) creates a weightless, invisible shield around each strand. Once that’s in place, a team of powders gets to work: Rice starch and cellulose absorb oil, a honeycomb-shaped structure called zeolite traps odors, and hydrated silica soaks up perspiration. With a typical dry shampoo, that would be the end of the story—but in this case, things are just starting to get interesting. The OFPMA shield underneath all the other ingredients makes the surface of the hair slick (think fried egg sliding out of a Teflon pan). So when you brush out the powder after 30 seconds, the particles loaded with sebum, sweat, and odor are swept away with it.

Cover FxCover FX

Cover FX delivers pure pigment that can transform almost any skin-care product into your own personalized foundation.

HOW IT WORKS: Place a dollop of moisturizer, serum, or face oil in the palm of your hand, add one or two drops of Cover FX (our tip: start with one and build from there—it’s potent stuff), then mix with your finger or a brush.

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