Fourth of July Beauty Tips

Bronze Beautifully- Bronzer makes your eyes look brighter, your teeth whiter — everyone looks better with a little warmth added to their skin. Only apply bronzer to the high points of your face (where the sun naturally hits you: forehead, cheekbones, chin, and nose). Covering every nook and cranny is what gives you that fake, baked look. Powder bronzers are the easiest to apply

Switch to a stain- This runway-preferred lip product, which can come in either liquid or balm form, provides all-day color without frequent upkeep, making them a must-have when your favorite lipstick just can’t compete with the menacing humidity.

Lighten your face makeup- First step: Swap foundation for tinted moisturizer. These sheer formulas look and feel airier on skin, and are less likely to turn cakey on steamy days. Feeling a little too exposed? Surratt recommends brushing powder foundation over the tinted moisturizer in spots where you need a little extra coverage — say, on blemishes or areas of redness around your nose.

Stay-proof your eye makeup- For longer-lasting shadow, avoid using eye cream on your lids (it can break down makeup), and smooth on an eye primer instead. “It will minimize creasing and create a base for the shadow to cling to so it lasts longer

Wade proof your mascara- Can’t bear to switch from your favorite? Apply a waterproof version on the tips of your lashes over regular mascara to boost its staying power.


Bridal Hair and Makeup: What You Need To Know Before Booking


I do makeup for hundreds of brides every summer. I love my brides and I love bridal makeup. It’s such a magical day showing up early in the morning (sometimes 5 a.m.) and everyone is so excited. The bride is surrounded by her family and friends. The smell of fresh coffee fills the air. Mother of the Bride is making sure her daughter and everyone else in the room has had a bite to eat. The wedding planner is making her rounds to make sure we are all on schedule. Asking if we need anything. Meanwhile groomsmen are sneaking in and out (with eyes covered) running last minutes errands for the girls.


To get this kind of people morning takes a lot of planning and experience. There are a lot of people needing services in just a few hours. The trick is communication and organization and time management. It’s really takes a whole team to make an event run smoothly. Niki Foy, salon owner of Salon Beauty Bar in Sherman Oaks, CA, and my Bridal Beauty Team business partner have worked together for years and we understand how the other person works, deals with pressure, and we listen to each other.

I cannot stress enough how priceless it is to have that going on during one of the biggest events of your life.

The expectation you should have for your beauty team on your wedding day are these essential steps:

1. First phone call. Talk with hair and makeup separately. Who, What, Where, When, and sometimes Why.

We need to know EVERYTHING. if your aunt is kind of crazy and only will use certain things or has to go 2nd to last please let us know. If you have two people who aren’t speaking and we need to make a quick room change to keep things calm…please let us know. There is not much that surprises us anymore.

2. Send me pictures. Not a lot but two or three and we will go from there. I know there are so may amazing ideas out there but your wedding day is not the day to take risks or try something new…UNLESS you never wear makeup. You are going to wear a lot of makeup. Even the most natural look requires quite a few products. Please disclose if you are a makeup girl or you have only ever worn Burt’s Bees Lip balm ever. The same with hair. Send a few photos and be realistic because that girl with the super full super long hair probably has a lot of hair pieces or $2000 worth of extensions hidden in there.

3. Makeup Trial. You need a trial. We cannot guess what you want on the day of and for the sake of time and happiness you should know exactly how you will look the day of before the actual day arrives. IMPORTANT PART: we need to know your lip color because you will want to purchase a lip stain for yourself, bridesmaids, possibly MOB so you can retouch. Your makeup artist should be the one buying these items for you. Also your false lashes….which you need to choose because there are so many options. You would be billed for these items with your final payment.

4. Have a contract! Always get everything in writing. 50% deposit is the industry norm and final payment due up to a week before the big day. Protect yourself always. The contract should have venue, day and time, how many people, and costs.

5. Your wedding planner needs a timeline. The hairstylist usually is the one to provide this. Hair takes longer than makeup most of the time. I know how long I need to recreate your look because we had a trial and you probably gave me a color scheme and makeup look for your bridesmaids. So have start time, venue, and everyone getting services.

Sample Bridal Schedule

So after all of this is done you are pretty much guaranteed a successful morning and beautiful hair and makeup. Niki and I are requested a lot because we care about you and your amazing day and because we appreciate a positive work environment. So when choosing your beauty team ask about these items I talked about.

Mother Of The Bride


The mother of the bride has been dreaming about her daughter’s wedding day since the day she was born. But it’s important for the mother of the bride to not forget about herself — she should look just as picture-perfect as she envisioned her daughter looking on her big day. One way to ensure that happens? Rock flawless makeup.

The Mother of the Bride/Groom is also playing the role of host for the evening. Most MOB’s haven’t had their makeup professionally done since their own wedding. Be open to tips your makeup artist gives you on how to achieve a youthful glow and be open to new techniques as long as the finish is natural.

Lastly, make sure to ask your makeup artist to pick up the lipstick shade she will choose for you for purchase on the day of. You will need to reapply at least once or twice.

The Lipstick Shades Every Woman Needs



Every woman needs three staple lipstick shades. Keep in mind of these shades everyone probably needs a different variation of the shade. So that is why its great to ask your makeup artist what she or he recommends before you spend hours at a makeup counter trying on hundreds of shades.

These lipstick staples work for everyone and suit many occasions. So make sure to stock up:

Nude Lip:

arbonne lipstick shell arbonne lipstick satin

I am asked about nude lips a lot. I use nude lipsticks for head shots most of the time and a lot of women in LA love a god smokey eye and this is the perfect partner. When I choose a nude shade for a client a good theory I stick to is two shades darker than the skin tone. This way the lips are nude but don’t disappear. The skin tone is the second half to the equation. If you have  a cool undertone a nude with a little pink to it will compliment beautifully and if you are yellow undertone then peach tone will work nicely with your warm skin.

My favorites are Arbonne Lip Polish, Nude an Lipstick in Satin and Arbonne Lipstick in Shell.

Matte Red Lipstick:

This is to me the number one staple in anyone’s makeup bag. Regardless if it is a sheer, full color, bright, or dark version. This is great for daytime when you aren’t wearing much of anything else. Apply a nude eyeshadow, light eyeliner, mascara, and a pop of red lip. For the evening dress up your cat or smokey eyes. Red lipstick is very sexy.

Arbonne Lipstick Strawberry Arbonne Lip Liner Cherry

My favorites are Arbonne Lipstick in Strawberry and Lip liner in Cherry for the bright red lip look

For a sheer look I like to go with NYC 309 Sheer Red

For the darker reds BH Cosmetics in Moody Merlot

Berry with Shine:

A berry lipstick looks natural and still adds color and shine to brighten your smile. This is your daytime lipstick. It can be sheer or full color but a nice shine keeps it casual and fun.

Arbonne Lipstick Candy Arbonne Lipstick in Jam Arbonne Lipstick in Vintage RoseArbonne Lip Polish Raisin

My favorites are Arbonne Lipstick in Candy, Jam, and Vintage Rose

Arbonne Lip Polish in Raisin





For more information about your perfect lip shade please email me at Christine@ChritineRossMAakeupArtist.com

Makeup Artist Keeping It Real: 5 Authentic Tips For Everyone


make up shopping


1. Use sunscreen everyday. Reapply at least twice to stay protected. The sun is the biggest offender to our skin. It causes serious premature aging. So uneven skin tone, wrinkles, dark spots, redness, sunburn. Make sure to check your label because there are only a few good sunscreens on the market. I have more articles on sunscreen formulation you can check out.

2. Use a skincare line that is vegan, botanically based, free of harmful chemicals, and works with your skin type. We all have some skin sensitivity. The only way we can deal with that is using a vegan formulated line. Something that is proven by science to work and do amazing things for our skin. That would be Arbonne.

3. Make sure you are using coverage appropriate foundation. Keeping it on the lighter side is your best bet. Let your skin shine through and cover the imperfections.

4. Drink a lot of water. Watch for the ingredients on the water bottle. Some contain serious chemicals. Drinking Spring water keeps skin hydrated and looking fresh.

5. Smile. As long as you are smiling and showing your confidence you will look amazing every day!


My name is Christine Ross, and I am a Makeup Artist in Los Angeles. I am all about keeping it real with makeup and skincare by providing the best products for my clients. I take the time to research ingredients and make sure my clients get the best based on their needs. The beauty industry is over saturated with false promises and too many chemicals. I sort through it all and get my clients on the right track. No more money wasted on high priced brands that don’t follow through. I am here to help you be the best version of yourself inside and out.



Mink the Makeup Printer

Mink is a 3d printer that prints MAKEUP!


The future of makeup is you copy and paste the shade you want or take a pic of your friends lipstick and send it to the printer and in seconds you have that exact shade at home. Forget running to the department store or waiting for your products to ship to you. The printer will cost about $300 and you will pay for basic cartridges and the inserts. The pricing will be much lower. Imagine not having to pay for the expensive marketing, distribution, and packaging. It’s going to be much more affordable to wear all the trendy colors every season.


I’m interested in how this will play out with the cosmetic giants Like Estee Lauder. They will find a way to copyright their colors. Why should they go through the trouble picking them out then you just print it at home without purchasing their product. There has to be some licensing issues.

Another issue for me will be the quality of the product itself. What base will be used? Can they be organic and fragrance free, NON-GMO? The quality is something I am sure has to be worked out since the inventor said colors can be used with basic food colors.

One thing for Sure as a makeup artist I will be looking forward to purchasing Mink. I think this will expand makeup artists business. Imagine on set a look has changed because the photographer wants a new concept. Just print out the shades for the entire look. Or have a makeup party. Your friend can create your custom look in minutes.

Is this the end of retail shopping as we know it? Who needs the makeup counters anymore? With cosmetics as the big money makers for the department stores how will Macy’s, Nordstrom, ect. adjust? Maybe printing makeup as well. Will big brands jump on board with their own printable palettes? For next years collection will it be coming from our very own printers? Imagine how easy it will be for anyone to start a makeup line?

Of all the big industry breakthroughs this is something that i am truly excited about. This will change cosmetics forever. When these hit the shelves I will be the first one in line.

Source: http://techcrunch.com/2014/05/05/mink-is-a-3d-printer-for-makeup/

For more information contact




Top Questions about my Bridal Beauty Services 2014

My Most Asked Bridal Beauty Questions




What are the most common types of jobs you offer clients?

Most of the time I do Bridal makeup, Head shots, and Makeup Lessons

What advice do you have for a bride looking to hire a makeup artist for their wedding day?

Do your research. Book a trial session. Ask questions about touch-up services, touch up kits, do they have a website? Do you and the artist have similar tastes in makeup? Call the artist and ask a lot of questions. Do you like her personality? Will she be fun to have around on your special day? Check online reviews.

Why does your work stand out from other makeup artists?

I love the face. It’s possible to achieve a smooth, clean, glamorous makeup look for everyone. I love to enhance my clients best features.

I also have over 10 years of experience working in production, in salons, and with celebrities. Experience counts!!

I often get calls from frantic brides that their makeup artist cancelled on them the day before their wedding or is going on vacation that month. I make sure my brides come first. It’s my client’s most important day. They can count on me to always be there.

What do you like most about your job?

Building relationships with my clients. I have worked with the same people for years. That’s because I love to listen to what my clients are looking for. What schedule they have so I am on their agenda. Also hearing about their lives an be exciting too. Making new friends is a great perk of the job.

How did you decide to become a makeup artist?

I’ve always loved skincare and makeup since I was a child. I would collect products and treat them like treasures. One day I was in between college and wasn’t very happy. My cousin, Sarah recommended beauty school. I went to check out Brown Aveda Institute in Mentor, OH and didn’t look back.

Do you do some sort of continuing education to keep up with latest developments and trends?

Yes I take lessons every once in a while at a makeup school In Los Angeles. Most of the time it’s about keeping up with the trends and practicing them on a model. I also take art classes every month. It’s my way of keeping up with color theory and some therapy.

What kind of products do you use on clients?

For skin care it’s always Arbonne. I believe in Vegan organic products. They are sustainable and up to European standards. No harsh chemicals and they smell amazing.

Cosmetics I have everything from Bobbi Brown to Makeup Forever. I have the perfect products to suit anyone’s skin type, textures, or needs.

What are your operating hours?

Anytime. Day or Night. I have clients that sometimes need meet at 3 am and some that have events late at night. I also travel with clients so whatever their schedule is for their trip.

Do you offer private makeup lessons if I want to do my own makeup for my wedding?

Yes I offer a range of makeup lessons. I offer a bridal class. Sometimes the Bride has a smaller beauty budget. There is no reason she can’t have a professional application on her special day. This class is also great for destination weddings when I am not able to travel with the bride.

What question do you get most from your clients and what is the answer?

Do I travel with to clients for services? Yes!!!!






Last Minute Bridal Beauty

So if you don’t have it in your budget to hire a makeup artist or hairstylist for your wedding and you never got around to choosing your style, do not fear. I have some great tips to help you look your best in a few easy steps.

Color in a pot. You need a pop of color because in photos 70% of your makeup will disappear. You need to up the blush and lips and they eyes to stand out. So something that can be worn on cheeks, lips, and eyes is a big help.

Hair Gloss is great because your mane should look healthy and shiny. Apply a small amount and your hair will look fabulous.

Suffering from humidity? There are humidity helpers out there. Apply the serum and it locks in the moisture while not letting any more in.

Foundation is a MUST. A smooth and even complexion is a must. You will be so happy when you see your photos. It can be very helpful with dark circles or any sudden overnight blemishes. Make sure you are correctly matched by a profession to ensure you have the correct color.

Dry Shampoo is on the list because it helps to have volume when creating any hairstyle. It helps it to stay in place and to give some volume.

To get more information on makeup classes for your wedding day or to hire a makeup artist for your wedding check out http://www.ChristineRossMakeupArtist.com

Hottest Makeup and Hair Trends for 2014

Check out the latest bridal trends for 2014. They are gorgeous and chic.


Nude Lips: Everyone looks great in a Nude lip. Make sure when you choose your nude lip color it is 1-2 shades darker than your skin tone.

White Eyeliner: This look makes the eyes POP! My favorite ways to apply are  along the water line or a little more dramatic thicker line under the bottom lash line.

Volume! Gorgeous full voluminous hair is in! Imagine big full curls.

Cat Eyes: The cat liner trend I’m convinced will be in forever. It’s a no fail to sexy eyes and kind of romantic too.

Braids: Beautiful fishtail braids, Braid halos, braided up do’s. Bohemian messy style braids are gorgeous at a beach wedding.

If you have questions on how to get any of these looks for your wedding day please contact me at http://www.ChristineRossMakeupArtist.com


Poppy Delevingne Showing Us How To Do Bohemian Chic

Poppy Delevingne was the other celebrity that go married in Memorial Day weekend and she had TWO weddings!

For her first ceremony the bride was more classic and glowy. Smoky eyes and lots of false lashes. Her lipstick was a natural pink with a hint or pearl shimmer. The cheeks are contoured and highlighted with a dewey finish. This look is requested A LOT with my bridal clients.


For Poppy Delevingne’s bohemian wedding ceremony she went with a more natural look. Clean even skin, a more natural eye look and nude lips and or course flushed cheeks.

To find out how I can help you create these makeup looks for your wedding please contact me at http://www.ChristineRossMakeupArtist.com

Poppy Delevingne: Instagram / TheKnot.com