Rhapsody Commercial Featuring Steven Helmkamp from “Clean Break”


Steven Helmkamp


Last week I worked on set for Logan Hale’s company, Your Little Film. We shot a commercial for Rhapsody featuring “Clean Break” star Steven Helmkamp.  It was a fairly easy make-up job. Steven didn’t need much work to get “camera” ready. I also had to make sure his hands looked amazing since he will be shown on the devices using the app.We had a great time. The entire crew was amazing. Our talent did a great job demonstrating how to use the Rhapsody app.

At Your Little Film, Logan Hale has an amazing talent for  creating videos that support your brand’s message that help your business grow. He works with a number of talented filmmakers.

“You are building a business. We are building a business. Together, we concept and budget your films from that point of view. It helps focus the project and the story being told.”-Logan Hale



Steven in wardrobe with Andrea Otto