Oscar Secrets From The Red Carpet

Oscars 2016

Since the Academy Awards just passed we wanted to share some secret tips from the celebrities we love. Rachel McAdams, Anne Hathaway, Reese Witherspoon and Brie Larson to name a few.

Celebrity Makeup Artists Beauty Trends For 2016
Check out these 2016 makeup trends for your eyes, cheeks, and lips.

Ashley Benson

Believe it or not, dark-rimmed eyes will be big for spring. Get the look by smudging a soft black or graphite grey powder shadow or kohl liner all the way around your lash line. It’s quite interesting actually. Contrast to dark, neutral eyes will be on-trend, with mascara being the main focus.


Washington  Amber Heard
A little bit of contouring on your cheeks will go a long way in 2016. Don’t go out of hand and apply too much…but a little bit of blush will sculpt your cheeks like a Greek goddess statue.


Margot Robbie  Miranda Kerr

Stylists predict natural-looking, glossy lips will be on-trend. And for those looking for a little color to pair with a natural face, bright red lips are back and bigger than ever for spring 2016.
Have any tips and advice for eyes, cheeks and lips? I would love to hear your thoughts on trends for 2016. Please leave a reply.

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Red Lips Tips


Here are some excellent tips for that special red lipstick of yours.

Consider your skin tone.  There are hundreds of tips out there to match to your skin tone. Choose a few shades and try them on first before you purchase one.

Don’t play up your eyes. Pair a red lip with a neutral eye. A beige shadow and a little mascara will do.

Be precise. It’s very easy to notice imperfections when applying red lipstick. Apply carefully.

Prevent Bleeding. Apply concealer around the border of your mouth.

When to use red lip liner. Sometimes the shade doesn’t match up perfectly with your lipstick. A great option is to use a lip liner that matches your lips.

The Best Brush Set

Brush Kit


Over the years I have used a lot of brushes. Clients always ask me which brushes are crucial to have at home. These brushes will help you create a flawless face.


1. Bdellium Tools Bent Liner Brush $8.00

This liner brush looks weird but it’s easier to use on yourself than the straight version. It’s really great for creating the perfect winged eyeliner too.

Bdellium Tools Bent Liner Brush

2. Studio 755 Smudge  Brush $8.00

The smudge brush is great if you prefer pencil liners. You can smooth out any uneven eyeliner. Use it to smoke your eyes as much as you want.

Studio 755 Smudge Brush

3. Maestro 775 Duet Fiber Shader $13.00

This brush is great for applying color to your crease packing on shadow to your lids, and blending. It’s a must have.

Maestro 775 Duet Fiber Shader

4. Charlotte Tilbury Eyeshadow Blending Brush $34.00

Blending is the secret to great eye makeup. The light puffy brush blends all eye shadows evenly.

4. Charlotte Tilbury Eyeshadow Blending Brush


5. Charlotte Tilbury Powder & Sculpt Brush $49.00

This is a must have brush for contouring, highlighting, and powdering under the eyes. The tip allows you to place powder, bronzer, and highlight where you want it and you can blend with the outer edges.

Charlotte Tilbury Powder & Sculpt Brush


6. Sephora Collection Fan brush #65 $27.00

Add the finishing touches to your look with this brush that dusts, wipes, and redistributes powders along your features. I like to use this brush for applying highlighter or blush lightly at the end of the makeup application.

6. Sephora Collection Fan brush #65


7. Bdellium Studio 947 Small Foundation Brush $12.00

If you are using a cream or liquid foundation you need a foundation brush to apply evenly. This brush is small enough to be used as a concealer brush also. The blend out with a beautyblender.

Bdellium Studio 947 Small Foundation Brush

8. Bdellium Studio Finishing 955 Brush $14.00

I use this brush to apply bronzer or powder all over the face. I like a duel fiber brush because the white fibers give an airbrush effect and buff the product seamlessly into the skin without moving your foundation or other powders.

Bdellium Studio Finishing 955 Brush




Black Friday Tips & Special

Tips for Black Friday

1. Strategize. Check out TGIBlackFriday.com and RetailMeNot.com for the best deals at all your favorite retailers before the big day.

2. Focus on the deals. Checkout ShopItTome.com. A personal shopper service that locates discounts and whole sale prices.

3. Get an early start. Start early to have access to the best inventory, selection, and parking.

4. Make Reservations wherever possible…Especially if you have a big group.

5. Most Important- Take Breaks!


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Spooky Halloween Make-Up Tips


If you’re going to create bruises or dirty, rough, and irritated skin, matte eye shadows in shades like lime green, mustard yellow, violet, dark brown and blue are must-haves! Any amount of frost or shimmer will give the illusion away in an instant so stick with matte finishes.

Eyelash Adhesive | It’s actually liquid latex. Spread a thin layer onto the skin and start picking and scratching it–be careful though, it’s still your skin you’re scratching at! Fill in the “holes” in your skin with that dark red lipstick to create a nice “road rash” effect!

Make sure to set your make up with Ben-Nye Setting powder to make your look last all night.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween

What  to Wear to your Headshot Session

What to Wear to your Headshot Session

Great choice of texture, the color compliments the skin tone and eye color, the top was probably pinned by the photographer for a better fit. Don’t show too much cleavage. Check out more tips at http://www.ChristineRossMakeUpArtist.com

Ask a Make-Up Artist: Your Summer Beauty Questions Answered

5 Tips for No-Melt Makeup


Fake a Glow

My favorite Self tanners this year is the St. Tropez system. They have self-tanners, gradual tanners, instant tanners, and great videos on how to get the best tan. The St. Tropaz system is fool-proof and your tan will be beautiful and golden.


Keep It Natural

This summer go for a new CC cream formula. This formula will help improve your skin, protect your skin from the sun, and give your skin a healthy glow. I like Clinique CC cream.(35.00)


Get Bright-Eyed

The best way to accentuate your eyes for the summer is use a nude champagne color on your lids, thinly line your eyes with a gel liner that won’t smudge and finish with a very light silver or gold shimmer in the inner and outer corners of your eyes to open your eyes and keeping them bright.


Stay Cheeky

You can use your powder formula on your cheeks when you first do your make up. When you do touch ups use a cream. It will blend in with your foundation much easier and give you a light glow. My favorite is Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for Lips & Cheeks ($25.00)


Make It Seamless

Try an all in one stick to keep your look simple. I like Mischa Barton’s 3-in-one stick for eyes, cheeks, and lips. $20.00




Three Minute Interview with Ramona McGowan


Actress, songwriter, Manager at presshollywood.com was kind enough to give me a few minutes to talk about fashion.

Name one article of clothing every woman should own.
Every woman should own high-waisted skinny jeans.

If you weren’t an actress, what would you be doing?
If I were not an actress, I would be a Marine Biologist.

What’s playing on your iPod right now?
Maroon 5, Usher, Trey Songs

Are there any trends you hope never go away?
Bright Colored pumps

Beauty Review: stila cosmetics smudge crayon waterproof eye color

Stila smudge crayon waterproof eye color caught my eye because it claims to be a primer, eyeshadow, and eye liner in one. The gel based formula stays for 6 hours that doesn’t crease or smudge. This formula has a slight pearl finish. You can barely see the shimmer. The product is very creamy and WATERPROOF!

As an eye liner if you like a fine point you won’t love it. The crayon is already a little thick for a liner. The color is so highly pigmented that there is no way anyone who isn’t a makeup artist could use this as an eye shadow and get it to blend out. If you want to try it out I recommend this for a smokey eye. It’s easy to draw right in the crease and blend out with your finger tip. Please use it sparingly because it is very creamy and a little goes a long way. This product is absolutely waterproof. It stays on and will not move. I did a whole load of dishes with it on my hand and it was still there. Use a small amount as a  primer to make your shadow last all day and night. However there are better eye shadow primers out there. This product is fun and it is good if you only have time to smudge a little color into your lash line before running out the door or if you want to wear a little makeup to the gym.