Little Home Improvements

I am very lucky to have one of the best contractors in Los Angeles as my father. I love my apartment. I live in a historical landmark in Sherman Oaks and it’s old, needs an entire remodel and has some character. The best part is that I have something that is rare in Los Angeles, I have two very large gated court yards in front and in my back yard. So Charlie, my dog has lots of space to run around when he feels like getting off the couch.

My Dad was nice enough to send over one of his carpenters to do some odds and ends jobs. I love storage. So when I asked for a few shelves my apartment got the works.

The first project was a bookcase. Scott and I love to read. We don’t like to part with our books so this was a must have when we moved in.

I love my storage shelves in my office. Keeping my office tidy is always a work in progress. Soon I’ll have all my files up there. The cherry wood is my favorite.

There used to be just a mirror in this bathroom. I am a make-up artist. No storage in a bathroom is unacceptable! Here I have two cabinets and Scott has one.

This bookcase was built for my work storage. I have so many products and bags that I needed my own space to store and keep track of everything. This is still a work in progress. I see Scott thinks he can store his backpack up there…not for long. I have much more special FX product to put up there. I have my Zuca bags on the bottom shelves. They are the best investment ever!

This entertainment center started as just two bookcases. I loved the wood finish and I needed more storage for movies, music, the dog and cat toys, pillows, blankets, you name it. Alfonzo cut two pieces of cherry wood and tied everything together.

I needed a small dishwasher. For some reason landlords don’t see a dishwasher being an important amenity in L.A. So I got a portable one and Alfonzo built this cart out of an old table I had in my office. I love it. He also built the custom shelves for my cook books, lids, and other electronics.