Ask a Make-Up Artist: Your Summer Beauty Questions Answered

5 Tips for No-Melt Makeup


Fake a Glow

My favorite Self tanners this year is the St. Tropez system. They have self-tanners, gradual tanners, instant tanners, and great videos on how to get the best tan. The St. Tropaz system is fool-proof and your tan will be beautiful and golden.


Keep It Natural

This summer go for a new CC cream formula. This formula will help improve your skin, protect your skin from the sun, and give your skin a healthy glow. I like Clinique CC cream.(35.00)


Get Bright-Eyed

The best way to accentuate your eyes for the summer is use a nude champagne color on your lids, thinly line your eyes with a gel liner that won’t smudge and finish with a very light silver or gold shimmer in the inner and outer corners of your eyes to open your eyes and keeping them bright.


Stay Cheeky

You can use your powder formula on your cheeks when you first do your make up. When you do touch ups use a cream. It will blend in with your foundation much easier and give you a light glow. My favorite is Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for Lips & Cheeks ($25.00)


Make It Seamless

Try an all in one stick to keep your look simple. I like Mischa Barton’s 3-in-one stick for eyes, cheeks, and lips. $20.00



Ask a Make-Up Artist: Summer Beauty

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What’s the best way to keep my makeup from melting in the heat? — Cathy A: One key to keeping a sweaty face from ruining your makeup is to prime with a mattifier that is specifically formulated to control oil production … Continue reading

Mischa Barton’s New Make-Up Line!


When I was approached by Mischa Barton’s Brand Director, Jana Khamo, and I was a little hesitant to use a “celebrity” cosmetics line…because you never know who’s really creating it behind the scenes.

When Jana laid out Mischa’s beautiful designer bottles, tubes, compacts, and brushes, I was expecting to be underwhelmed but that could not have been further from the truth. Mischa’s foundation was light and silky. The foundation is just the right medium coverage make-up I look for to create a fresh clean look and I love the yellow base tones. The eye shadow palettes were really impressive. There is a pallet for every eye color and look I need to create. I particularly like how the shadows go on smooth and stay all day. The multi-dimensional bronzer takes care of a lot of multi-purposes when I’m on the set creating highlights, contouring beautiful cheek-bones or just combining all the colors for an even all over glow. The 3-in-1 stick is the answer to your late morning rush. You can glide this over eyelids, cheeks, and lips in less than 30 seconds, apply some mascara and finish off your look with the Coco Luster lip gloss and be out the door looking fabulous.


Checkout this promo to try out Mischa’s products for yourself. Hurry this offer expires on 2/14!

Feel free to contact me for some tips to create a flawless look using Mischa’s New Make-Up Line.


The Most Scientifically Precise Foundation?

Finding your perfect foundation match can be a huge pain. I have matched thousands of people with the right shade of foundation and it can be tricky. For those who don’t know how to correctly match foundation and are searching tirelessly up and down the make up isle or spending half the day at the mall there seems to be an answer to your prayers.

Sephora and Pantone Color have designed an app that will choose the best possible foundation for you. With the use of a Spectrocolorimeter that takes 27 photos of your skin and spits out number between 1 and 110 based on your skin tone and the warm or cool undertones. When you get this number the app searches through thousands of shades sold at Sephora to find your perfect match.

Is the beginning of the end of beauty advisors at your local mall? I can already go to an app that will give me my own personalized skin care regimen. I just answer a few question at any clinique counter on their Ipad app. They ask questions about where I live, how much sleep I get, my main skin concerns, if I’m sensitive, a few other questions about my lifestyle and I have everything printed out or email to me. They recommend everything from Cleanser to the best treatments based on my answers.

As a makeup artist I can see the flaws in the Sephora app. There are so many clients that need a corrective color for their skin. Primers aren’t always enough. If this app can offer a yellow based foundation to someone with a redness concern and not go overboard, I will be impressed. There are so many factors that go into a perfect foundation match. What about Skin type or concerns? Twenty year old skin doesn’t need the same formula as someone that is over 50. I am interested where Sephora plans to take this technology.

Glow Baby, Glow! How to Glow like J.LO

Have you ever wondered how to get that glowing skin? How does Jennifer Lopez do it? I have the secret. It all has to do with an amazing product I use on my clients called an illuminator. You can use this product either under or on top of your foundation or both. I like to apply it on the T-Zone, Cheek bones, lower cheek, around the top lip, and the chin.

Beautiful Illuminated Skin!


You can buy an illuminator in pressed or liquid form. I love the liquid. It’s easy to blend out. Powder is beautiful and great for oily skin types.

How to Contour and Highlight Your Make-Up

Source: Jamie Lewis Pinterest


Have you ever wondered how models get that defined look in photos. Why the cheek bones look huge, the eyes look huge and bright. It’s because make-up artists contour and highlight the entire face.

My favorite way to apply this contour/highlight method is to use a very light foundation that is obviously too light for your skin for the highlight and a shade that is way too dark for your skin to contour. Apply the make up as shown in the picture with a foundation brush or damp sponge. After you have finished apply your perfect match foundation shade over this with a stippled brush. This allows you to blend the colors together and get a natural look without moving your highlights or contours much.


I love the way my skin looks after I have done this contour/highlight technique.

My Top Ten Products!

Everyone always asks what my favorite products are. So I put together a top 10 list. It was hard choosing the products I love so many. These are the absolute best of the best ad I recommend them to everyone.

10) Bobbi Brown White Pressed Powder

This powder is so light you can’t see it over your make-up. I use the white shade because my skin is on the fair side.

9) Clinique City Block Oil Free SPF 40

This sunblock makes the list because it is packed with healthy ingredients for your skin and the level of Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide are higher than most sunscreens. I need a sunscreen that will last all day under my make up.

8) Make Up Forever HD Liquid Foundation

This foundation gives a flawless, luminous, porcelain look. I love this product. It is the perfect make-up for film, television, photo shoots, and everyday. The pigments are so fine you can’t see it. Talk about glowy beautiful skin. Here is is!

7) Make Up Forever HD Blush

Blush is a hard thing to get right. I find that most people put on too much or not enough. This blush makes it easy. You only need a tiny drop per cheek and you have great color. The pigment is very fine like the foundation. So your cheek is left looking hydrated and smooth with a perfectly blended touch of color. This is my go to blush on a daily basis.

6)Clinique Black Honey

Black Honey makes the list because it is the shade for everyone. If you want sexy pouty lips that are kissable, this is the product for you. The Almost Lipstick Collection is hydrating, lasts quite a while, and adds a touch of color. Black Honey enhances your natural lip color.

5) L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara

I use this mascara on myself and on set. This mascara brush is ideal for getting all those little lashes and adds volume and length. This cream based formula doubles your lashes and the black shade is very deep and sultry.

4) Arbonne Bronzer

This is my favorite bronzer because it is the perfect shade for everyone. Not only is Arbonne known for having some of the healthiest products for skin on the market but the make-up goes on smooth, looks natural, and has a soft finish. I don’t go anywhere without this bronzer to give me a gorgeous glow that looks natural.

3)Nerium-AD Night Treatment

NeriumAD Age-Defying Treatment is a night cream developed from the patent-pending extract of the Nerium oleanderplant. NeriumAD contains the most effective age-defying ingredients, chosen for both their individual and synergistic benefits. These premium ingredients are blended at optimum levels to nourish your skin and third-party clinical trials show that NeriumAD dramatically reduces the appearance of:

Fine Lines and Wrinkles


Uneven Skin Texture

Enlarged Pores

Aging or Sun-Damaged Skin

The first time I used this product I felt the difference. This is my skin care secret weapon.

2) Urban Decay Naked Palette

This is my go to palette. It has everything from natural matte to dramatic and sparkly.  These shades are gorgeous. I could do a thousand different looks with these shades and they are all in one place.

1) Clinique Superbalm Lip Treatment

This product is my number one because it goes with me everywhere. I am always smoothing this on. Everyone needs a clear gloss. Why not use one that is good for your lips? This gloss lasts longer than any other gloss. because it is a balm it will moisturize much more and your lip color lasts that much longer. If you don’t want clear it comes in some fun color shades also.

Bonus!: Clarisonic Brush

I can’t live with out my Mia Clarisonic Brush. This brush gets everything off. No matter how many products you use to clean your face you will never get it all off. This brush does just that. If you have a hard time with acne, dry skin, or oil this brush will get through dead skin and give your skin the best exfoliation ever. Everyone should own one