The Most Scientifically Precise Foundation?

Finding your perfect foundation match can be a huge pain. I have matched thousands of people with the right shade of foundation and it can be tricky. For those who don’t know how to correctly match foundation and are searching tirelessly up and down the make up isle or spending half the day at the mall there seems to be an answer to your prayers.

Sephora and Pantone Color have designed an app that will choose the best possible foundation for you. With the use of a Spectrocolorimeter that takes 27 photos of your skin and spits out number between 1 and 110 based on your skin tone and the warm or cool undertones. When you get this number the app searches through thousands of shades sold at Sephora to find your perfect match.

Is the beginning of the end of beauty advisors at your local mall? I can already go to an app that will give me my own personalized skin care regimen. I just answer a few question at any clinique counter on their Ipad app. They ask questions about where I live, how much sleep I get, my main skin concerns, if I’m sensitive, a few other questions about my lifestyle and I have everything printed out or email to me. They recommend everything from Cleanser to the best treatments based on my answers.

As a makeup artist I can see the flaws in the Sephora app. There are so many clients that need a corrective color for their skin. Primers aren’t always enough. If this app can offer a yellow based foundation to someone with a redness concern and not go overboard, I will be impressed. There are so many factors that go into a perfect foundation match. What about Skin type or concerns? Twenty year old skin doesn’t need the same formula as someone that is over 50. I am interested where Sephora plans to take this technology.

Beauty Review: Estee Lauder Sumptuous Two Tone Mascara

I was working in Nordstrom last week for an event called Beauty on the Go. I was near the Estee Lauder counter and I was looking at their runway looks from fashion week. Let me tell you. Their National Make up artist is quite talented. I saw some amazing warm tones I am going to try.

Estee Lauder has this new mascara that is double-sided. One with a full size Sumptuous Mascara brush and the other is a smaller brush just for the bottom lashes. I chose Bold Black and Brown. There are other options. Bold Black/Plum, Bold Black/Rich Blue. I chose the Bold Black/ Brown shade because I wanted a more natural look.

The point of the tw shades is that the Bold Black on the top lashes lift and separate . The bottom lash color is what makes your eye color pop. If you have Hazel/Green eyes try the Plum, if you have Brown eyes try the Blue, and for Blue eyes go with Brown.

I love this mascara. There was no smudging under my eyes. The mascara was so light and separated my lashes. It looked like I had false lashes on. I give this mascara five stars!

Beauty Review: Best Foundation Primers


Just like you prime a wall before you paint it, you can prime your face before you apply foundation. Primers work much like a moisturizer under your foundation does: they ease the application of foundation and are meant to create a barrier between foundation and skin. They’ll even out skin tone, help your makeup stay on longer and absorb oil with salicylic acid.

Estee Lauder Matte Perfecting Primer

The primer goes beyond what normal primers do because of beneficial ingredients. Fragrance-free. Lightweight, silky texture smooths skin and refines enlarged pores.


MAC Prep + Prime Line Filler

Rather than just being a mix of silicone and fragrance, this combines a dry-finish silicone polymer with emollients, film-forming agents, and copious antioxidants to help smooth skin, temporarily fill in superficial lines, and create an even canvas for foundation.


Urban Decay complexion PrimerPotion-Brightening

This formula goes above and beyond most primers. It offers a plentiful range of antioxidants, it’s fragrance free, and is great for oily skin types.


Clinique Redness Solutions Daily Protective Base

When applied to skin, the green tint becomes a pale flesh tone that provides a bit of coverage. If you have superficial, minor redness, you’ll notice it is less apparent, but that would be true for any tinted moisturizer, too. Anyone with lingering or persistent redness (such as occurs with rosacea) will want to pair this with a foundation that supplies at least medium coverage. One more thing: The finish of this product is matte. It can lend a flat appearance to skin that someone not bothered with oiliness may not like.



3 Minute Interview with Sarah Baucco

Sarah Baucco sits down with me for three fabulous minutes! As a fashion merchandiser for  Forever 21 Sarah knows what trends to look for and shares some of her favs with us for fall.

Christine: What’s your favorite upcoming trend for fall?

Sarah: My favorite trend for fall is the peplums. Everything from peplum shirts to skirts and dresses are so popular for fall. The peplum can be very girly with a chiffon shirt tucked it or it can be paired with a leather embellished jacket and an edgy shirt for the rocker look that is still being seen this fall.

Peplum dresses, and skirt

Christine: Name one article of clothing every woman should own.

Sarah: Every woman should have a tailored black blazer. This is a MUST staple in every woman’s closet. It is an easy layering piece to make any outfit transform from casual to professional and crisp. I would highly recommend a woman get one made for her body type so it is customized to her curves.

Christine: If you weren’t a fashion designer, what would you be doing?

Sarah: If I wasn’t a fashion merchandiser I would be very interested in cosmetology and maybe starting a small business. I would like to make custom jewelry,handbags, and accessories. I would like to sell them on or in small boutiques.
Christine: What’s playing on your iPod right now?

Sarah: I am all about Katy Perry, club mixes and the 80’s. My favorite band is Red Wanting Blue. I like to put a variety playlist together so when I run I am motivated.
Christine: Are there any trends you hope never go away?

Sarah: The simple cocktail dress with a statement shoe. I love when woman wear a simple black dress and then their shoes are amazing. Having things match all the time is boring but shoes say a lot about a person. My favorite is  a simple black fitted dress with understated jewelry and then a bright colored embellished shoe.