How to hire a make-up artist for your wedding



Shop around. Check out the most popular wedding websites today and These sites have a wealth of information and the best vendors available for weddings and events. Contact an Artist in your area for pricing, makeup brands they use, and what level of expertise they have. Find out how many weddings they do a month. Which ones seem friendly and appealing?  You’ll know when you hit it off with the right one.

Schedule a trial. The easiest way to test a make-up artist out is to schedule a trial. Bring a few pictures of how you would like to look on your wedding day so your artist will have a better idea of how she will create your favorite look with your features. An experienced artist will have a lot of suggestions for you. This is the time to pay attention to how the products feel on your skin, the finish of the foundation, the color of the eyes, cheeks, and lips. You can easily make any changes at his time.

Make yourself clear. Once you have found the right make-up artist ask plenty of questions. How much does she charge? Most experienced artists will charge no less than $150 for the bride and $85 for bridesmaids, family members, and friends. Your make-up artist should have a full make-up kit and brushes. Make sure to bring up anything you didn’t like at the trial. For example “The eye shadow was too dark.”

Get the timing right. Know how many people will be needing make-up for the wedding. Provide a list of names to the make-up artist so she can account for everyone you are paying for. It usually takes 45-60 minutes per make-up application so if your bridal party is large your artist should have an assistant for the day. The cost of the assistant should be included in the contract.

Don’t forget about touch-ups. After your trial check with your make-up artist about purchasing an extra lipstick and eyeliner for you for easy touch ups. Keep your concealer and powder handy too for touching your face up and keeping shine away all night for pictures. Even though a tip is not expected you can throw in an extra 10% if you loved the results.

There should be no surprises! Your artist should have a contract agreement with the cost, where she will be providing the make-up services, and the deposit requirement.



Ask a Make-Up Artist: Your Summer Beauty Questions Answered

5 Tips for No-Melt Makeup


Fake a Glow

My favorite Self tanners this year is the St. Tropez system. They have self-tanners, gradual tanners, instant tanners, and great videos on how to get the best tan. The St. Tropaz system is fool-proof and your tan will be beautiful and golden.


Keep It Natural

This summer go for a new CC cream formula. This formula will help improve your skin, protect your skin from the sun, and give your skin a healthy glow. I like Clinique CC cream.(35.00)


Get Bright-Eyed

The best way to accentuate your eyes for the summer is use a nude champagne color on your lids, thinly line your eyes with a gel liner that won’t smudge and finish with a very light silver or gold shimmer in the inner and outer corners of your eyes to open your eyes and keeping them bright.


Stay Cheeky

You can use your powder formula on your cheeks when you first do your make up. When you do touch ups use a cream. It will blend in with your foundation much easier and give you a light glow. My favorite is Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for Lips & Cheeks ($25.00)


Make It Seamless

Try an all in one stick to keep your look simple. I like Mischa Barton’s 3-in-one stick for eyes, cheeks, and lips. $20.00



Ask a Make-Up Artist: Your Summer Beauty Questions Answered

Q: I love wearing it in summer when I’m at the pool or beach but, is waterproof mascara bad for my eyelashes? I feel like I’m yanking them out whenever I remove it. — Mary Jane

A: Waterproof mascara isn’t bad for your eyelashes. Make sure to be gentle when you are removing it. Use an oil based eye make-up remover and use a cotton pad to gently soak your lashes and then glide the remover down to the tips of the lashes. I always like to rinse with water after.

A great eye makeup remover is Laura Mercier Flawless Skin Dual Action Eye Make-up Remover Oil-Free ($22.00). It works quickly to remove all make-up even waterproof, fragrance-free, and gentle on the eyes.


Depending on the look you are trying to achieve there are a few options for waterproof mascara to try. These are my favorites:

Beauty on a Budget: Maybelline-Define-A-Lash-Volume-Waterproof-Mascara ($7.49) Great for more length and separation with a soft definition. The wand is rubber bristled and can be applied easily.  This mascara will not clump. I use this mascara a lot for photo shoots and private clients.


Serious Drama: Lancome Definicils Waterproof Mascara ($27.00) Length, volume, separation, definition. This mascara does it all and won’t smudge. A rare trait is that the texture of your lashes when dry, will be soft.


The Mascara For Everyone: American Beauty Perfectly Waterproof Mascara ($14.00) You need just a few swipes of this formula for added length and volume that lasts all day and withstands water. If you haven’t heard of this brand it is sold exclusively at Kohl’s. This mascara adds drama without looking very dramatic like the Lancome mascara.


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